About Otehlia


I founded Madison Eats in 2012, after spending years trying to create my ideal job which combines my passion for great food, teaching, dancing, and sustainable development. What emerged is a business connecting people with Madison’s rich local food scene through food tours, cooking classes, and special foodie events. I bust a move whenever possible.

My love for food began as a kid “helping” my dad cultivate a prolific garden, watching my mom make almost all of our food from scratch, and making and eating cookies with my sister. Meanwhile I took my first African dance class in high school, which ignited my continuing quest to travel to West Africa, via Europe and South America, to study dance.

Through my travels, I learned that we are all connected by food; we share meals and a basic need to eat. Since moving to Madison in 1998 to pursue degrees in conservation biology and dance at UW-Madison, I developed my appreciation for the richness of our local food community, and a great desire to share it with others. What started as a personal food blog titled A World of Flavors, has since grown into a Madison Eats Food Tours, a company that focuses on supporting local farmers, producers, chefs and food lovers through fun and engaging events. I also lead culinary tours to Mexico.

I am a contributor to Madison Magazine  and I also teach a weekly drop-in African dance class which whets my appetite.

I look forward to sharing many culinary adventures with you!